About Us


The Founders

  Yes, they’re brothers! Patrick and Daniel Foley started the brewery in 2012 and enlisted the help of their sister, Christine. (Fun fact, our flagship double IPA, Fair Maiden, was named for Christine in appreciation for all her work that very rough first year!) 

Hard work. Dedication. Quality. Three key words that sum up everything about our beer. We select the finest ingredients and operate with diligent brewing techniques and excruciating attention to detail. We create beers that taste the way we think beer should taste. Our motto “do it the hard way”, means no shortcuts in making the beer that carries our family name.  


Always experimenting and expanding

We brew in small batches in  our 15 barrel brewery and we’re always experimenting with new recipes. Dan and Pat ,with previous experience from the  wine world, get to marry the  fascination with the natural world and the art and science of fermentation.

Dan keeps cooking up some good recipes and Patrick the builder keeps finding ways to add more tanks and increase our production.